Involve Your Family
Advice from Millie Sherman, author of A View from the Tub
  • Working from home is a family decision. It's not just your needs that should be considered—it's also your family's needs.
  • Have a family meeting and explain the benefits of working from home.
  • Tell your husband and your children what you expect from them.
  • Answer their questions and address their concerns.
Be Professional
Advice from Paul Edwards, Sarah Edwards and Lisa Roberts, co-authors of The Entrepreneurial Parent
  • The most important rule to working at home is to be professional.
  • People tend to think that because they're at home, they don't need to be structured. Get dressed and go to your workspace—just as you would if you worked outside the home.
  • Set aside work hours, a lunch time and even coffee breaks—and stick to that schedule.
  • Don't make a habit of doing non-work-related tasks, such as housework, during work hours.
  • Answer the phone in a business-like matter.
  • Open a separate bank account and get a separate phone line.
  • Don't let friends drop by during your workday.
  • If you don't treat your business like a business, no one else will.
Don't Make These Mistakes
Advice from Patricia Cobe and Ellen H. Parlapiano, co-authors of Mompreneurs Online
  • Working too much: Many at-home workers neglect their families and household responsibilities. Put a solid end to the workday.
  • Not having childcare: Most parents assume they can do their jobs and watch their kids at the same time, but few do this successfully, and most end up burned out.
  • Over-volunteering: Being at home does not necessarily give you more time to volunteer in your community or your child's school. Be realistic about how much free time you really have, and learn to say "No."


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