Jean Chatzky
Do you have trouble saying no? According to negotiation coach Jim Camp, having a strong set of decision-making skills will enable you to focus on what really matters, while politely dismissing all the extra noise in your life. Jim shares with Jean the steps you can take to hone your decision-making skills and find success:

Develop your mission and purpose. For starters, Jim suggests writing down the five most important things in your life, followed by the five characteristics that you feel best describe you. Then ask yourself: How would I rank these items? Would I change any of them? Evaluate how your two lists mesh and work on strategies to fill in the gaps, he says.

Think through the long term. Jim says that learning to think with a long-term mindset will help you achieve your vision of success. If your goal is a raise, then "long term" may mean six months; if you're starting a business, then "long term" may mean six years, he says.

Don't be fearful of making decisions. Don't hesitate to make decisions, Jim says, and know that inaction is a decision in itself too.

Know what you don't know. "Make the decision to say to yourself, 'I don't know,'" Jim says, then seek out the help you need.

Understand the difference between needs and wants. "You don't need anything," Jim says. "The moment you start to need to make a deal, to need to be right, to need something false, the emotions heighten so dramatically that your decision process is thrown completely off."
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