It took me a long time to discover the peace I now enjoy at the office. I've learned to schedule my lunches and coffees during quiet periods at our cafeteria. I indulge in reading breaks, writing in my journal, or simply savoring every bite of my lunch. This time of solitude is like gold to me.

Mae Cayir
Vienna, Austria

Twice a week I take a ballet class during my lunch hour. The classes bring me in touch with music and are great exercise. Although I chose a business career, performing dance was a childhood dream and ballet gives me enough inspiration to last the rest of the workweek.

Dawn Worthey
Canton, Georgia

I work from home, and my office overlooks our large backyard in the country. Some days I can see a line of wild turkeys marching through the woods or an owl under our maple tree. I grew up in the city, and taking time to watch the delights of nature—including our bright pink crab apple trees blooming in the springtime and the ten-foot sunflowers nodding their heads in my garden—really makes my heart lift while I work.

Francesca Joyce
Claverack, New York

A great part of my day is my bicycle commute. The ride to and from the office gives me time to sort through my thoughts and spend some time alone. Now I'm never stuck in a traffic jam and I'm always assured a good workout.

Steven Edstrom
Oklahoma City

I started bringing in fresh roses once a week. Now two co-workers and I take turns bringing them in. Every time, people want to know who sent them and what the occasion is. I simply reply that I bought them and I'm the occasion.

Dahlia Walker-Bailey
Hamden, Connecticut

I try to take a break in the middle of the day to go for a walk or run. I've even been out in zero-degree weather. I come back to my office invigorated and with a new way to approach a project I've been working on.

Patti Loeffler
Crested Butte, Colorado

Each morning at my desk, I light a scented candle and write down two or three things I am grateful for on a piece of paper. I then date it and put it in my blazer pocket. Whenever I take the blazer out again, I am reminded of all the blessings in my life.

Barbara Baran
Cheshire, Massachusetts

Every evening at work, I try to watch the sunset. Sometimes it's a big splashy event with pink, gold, and orange clouds floating in a wash of turquoise. Sometimes the sun sets in the midst of a rainstorm that parts just wide enough for the sun to peek through. As I gaze at this incredible gift, I begin to feel rejuvenated.

Nancy Argue
East Point, Georgia

I get a quick little shot of joy when anyone in the office makes me laugh, when I get an e-mail announcing a chocolate sampling, or when I'm in a meeting with colleagues and we all get excited about an idea.

Pat Towers
Manhattan, New York

I love when the elevator is an express to my floor, when the elevator doors are closing and I just get in, or when someone holds the elevator doors open for me.

Carla Frank
Manhattan, New York

I keep a photo of my dog on my desk. Every time I look at her, with her big blue eyes and crazy fur, I get an instant jolt of joy. It's a reminder that she'll jump all over me with glee when I come home.

Liz Brody
Manhattan, New York