Where the Power People Find Power in Their Own Lives
We asked a few notables we look up to tell us where they find power in their own lives.
John Prendergast
John Prendergast

Human rights activist and coauthor of The Enough Moment (Three Rivers)

People often underestimate the power of... A small group of people. In Darfur, Congo, and northern Uganda, mini-movements are saying, "We are going to initiate change."

I felt most powerful when... My team helped negotiate peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea in 2000. After two years of war, we finally got them to sign a deal, and the guns literally went silent.

A true sign of power is... Humility. I've worked with President Mandela, and he has a way of being humbled by an issue, studying the problem, and then addressing it with endlessly fresh and innovative ideas.

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