Jean Chatzky
Healthcare is a huge topic of debate in this country, and for good reason…we spend lots of money on it each year. Unfortunately, we can all expect to spend even more as we get older—a recent Fidelity Investments study found that Americans need to have an additional $200,000 in their retirement fund just to cover healthcare costs during those years! Jean talks to Cybele Weisser of Money magazine about how to cut your healthcare costs.

How to Cut Your Healthcare Costs:

  • Ask doctors for a deal, Cybele says. If you're paying out-of-pocket, your doctor is likely getting more money from your visit than he would if you went through a health insurance provider. It can't hurt to ask him to pass some of that extra money on to you, she says.
  • Prior to a procedure, double-check that all doctors involved are covered by your insurance. Cybele suggests calling the doctor ahead of time.
  • Track your spending with finance software. This makes it easy to tell how close you are to meeting deductibles and to catch errors—both those made by you and those made by the hospital's or doctor's billing department.
  • Do what you're told, and follow doctor's orders exactly to cut your chances of having to return for another expensive visit.
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