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Glinda says the Widlunds must go on a cash-only plan if they hope to reign in their out-of-control spending.

She establishes some tough new rules for Marnie and Mark and their daughters, 17-year-old Victoria and 15-year-old Gracie.
  1. Stop paying for Victoria's car.
  2. Stop funding Friday night dinners with friends.
  3. Stop incurring overdraft fees.
  4. Stop eating out.
  5. Stop giving the girls an allowance.
  6. Stop Marnie's shopping at the craft store.
The family is happy to make their Friday dinner a potluck and follow Glinda's other guidelines, but the issue of Victoria's car payment is less negotiable. Marnie says she told Victoria they would pay for half of her car payment while she's in high school and she's not willing to go back on her word. The family reaches a compromise by encouraging Victoria to help with expenses related to her car, such as gas and maintenance.

After Marnie and Mark destroy their debit cards, each family member receives cash for the week in an envelope. All spending must be documented on the back of the envelope.

So that Marnie and Mark can be aware of each other's purchases, Glinda takes them to the bank to set up a new banking system—now two signatures are required on every check and withdrawal. Marnie admits that the cash-only spending plan is going to be tough. "I have to keep stopping myself from thinking of ways to get around this," she says. "I am sneaky."
FROM: The Debt Diet: Part 2
Published on January 01, 2006
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