Jean Chatzky
Life throws us curveballs, especially where our money is concerned. Jean talks with life coach Gail Blanke of Real Simple magazine about getting through periods of uncertainty—and learning to thrive.

Here are Gail's tips for pushing past your money woes:

  • Try to embrace uncertainty, and see it as a good thing. "Assume the role of adventurer in your own life," says Gail.
  • Know that you can't make your money work hard for you if you don't take some risks.
  • Create a vision for what a rich life looks like, and then flesh it out by imagining your home and lifestyle.
  • Learn from your mistakes and then move forward.
  • Utilize expert advice. "You're never going to know everything about everything, but there will always be one person who knows everything about one thing," Gail says. "Go to that person."
Jean also talks to Money magazine's Ryan D'Agostino about his article, "What It Takes to Be Rich." To research the article, Ryan says he literally went door-to-door in some of the nation's wealthiest zip codes and simply asked people how they got rich. He shares some of their secrets to financial success, including making your own luck, having an open rather than fixed mind-set and taking calculated risks.
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