Jean Chatzky about making money mistakes
A Message from Jean
"You will make a mistake. Let's get that out on the table right now. You will make more than one. You will take out a mortgage and then find one—right after you've closed—that's a quarter-point cheaper. You will sell a house and watch prices continue to rise. And you know what I want you to do about all of these things? Absolutely nothing. Do your best. Do your homework. Then make a decision—pull the trigger and put your decision into action—then move on. That's right. Because the mistakes that you make locking into a mortgage at a rate that's not bottom-of-the-barrel, or selling a house while the prices are still headed up, are nothing compared to the mistakes you make by not acting at all. That's when you miss opportunities. That's when your financial life passes you by. So act. Deal. Move on. And if you need to reconnoiter and take a different course in the future, that will be okay, too."