Jean Chatzky
As the markets rise and fall, so do the hearts and minds of millions of investors. Jean talks with Jason Zweig, a senior writer for Money magazine, about how to go about investing your money. Together, the two cover the ups and downs of the stock market, and why you shouldn't be afraid of putting that hard-earned cash into stocks and bonds—in fact, Jason says you should keep your emotions out of it all together!

Here are his tips to simplify your investment strategies:
  • Make use of index mutual funds. If you purchase these, you'll minimize overhead because the professionals you work with won't bother picking the best stocks—instead, they'll buy them all and end up charging you very little because less work is involved.
  • Put your portfolio on autopilot. "Just invest the same amount every month. It doesn't matter how much or how little it is," says Jason.
  • Don't wait until next year. "The biggest mistake that American investors make is procrastination. It murders your financial future," says Jason. Even if you only have $50 a month to invest this year, go ahead and put it into play.
  • Have a basic rule. Tell yourself that you will never buy stock just because the price has been going up, and likewise, you will never sell because the price has been going down. "Price doesn't tell you anything about the future. It only tells you about today," Jason says.