Jean Chatzky
While punching the clock at your 9 to 5 job, do you have dreams of owning a bed and breakfast or becoming a cross-country truck driver? Entrepreneur Brian Kurth says many people secretly wish they had a more fun, fulfilling job than the one they do. Jean talks to Brian about his efforts to help people experience the job they always wanted through his company VocationVacations.

Brian says his company offers people a multiday vocational experience, with one-on-one mentoring from an experienced professional in the field of their choice. "Basically, you are able to test drive your dream job," he says. "It's personal and professional—due diligence really taken while on an otherwise traditional vacation—so you don't have to tell the boss," he says.

From owning a dude ranch or a yoga studio to becoming a cheese maker or a baker, Brian says people get a hands-on introduction to their desired profession. Brian says the majority of participants are career changers and the rest are curiosity seekers and people who are receiving the vacation as a gift. The cost of the vacations vary from $500 to $1,200 for a one- to multi-day trip, but Brian says that taking a VocationVacation is far more economical than quitting your day job to pursue a new career. "The need for financial stability is integral and that is why we are not fantasy vacations—we are real, live, attainable dream job experiences," he says.

His company is only three years old, but Brian says already 20 percent of the people who have taken a VocationVacation have quit their day jobs to pursue their dream jobs full time. He says he expects the number of people finding success through his company to grow as more baby boomers and Generation X-ers look to strategically move into new careers.
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