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Holly and her husband, David, are living in a time warp—literally. When they moved into their home in 1994, nothing had been updated since it was built in the '60s. Now, with three growing children at home, the family feels cramped—especially in the bathroom and the kitchen.

In the mornings when they are trying to get their children ready for school, the only bathroom in the house is packed. David even wakes up at 4 a.m. every morning to shower so his girls can have the bathroom later. The bathroom is also extremely outdated. "This is Formica city," Holly says. "We're looking to get rid of the blue toilet and the blue sink and make it more modern."

When people talk about homes, they often refer to the kitchen as "the heart of the home." But with linoleum flooring, golden-yellow appliances, a stove with one working burner, Formica counters and a lack of space, it's easy to see why Holly would like a heart transplant! "During the mealtime, our kitchen's so small that while I'm sitting, I can grab another fork, I can put my dish in the sink, I can throw our garbage away," Holly says. "The whole kitchen can be cleaned from the seat of my chair."

Because the bathroom and the kitchen are so outdated, Holly and David say real estate agents have told them they would not be able to sell if they wanted to. So Holly wants the remodeling to begin immediately, but David isn't sure now is the best time to start. "I think we should wait, especially the way the economy's going. We've got guys at work being laid off now," David says. "We're getting very slow. So I don't think it's a good time to do it at this point."
FROM: Suze Orman: Can You Afford College, a Wedding, a Divorce?
Published on March 04, 2009
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