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So are Anastasia and Eric approved for their dream wedding? Suze says it's an easy decision. "You're denied again big-time, and the reason is this—you have nothing in savings."

Although they have money in the bank, their debt far outweighs—and cancels out—their savings. "If anything happens to either one of you, we have problems."

Still, Suze says the couple has much more to work on than just paying down debt. "You have got to tell your husband, you have got to tell your wives what you owe, you don't owe, what you have," Suze says. "You have got to be honest about your money."

"So what do we do?" Anastasia asks. "Do we elope?"

"I think you elope," Suze says. "But before you even elope and you get married, you have an honest discussion about what you have, you don't have and how Eric feels about you not telling him the truth about your financial situation."
FROM: Suze Orman: Can You Afford College, a Wedding, a Divorce?
Published on March 04, 2009
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