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Step 1: Envision the Life You Want
Financial order is absolutely necessary for the time, energy, and emotional and spiritual health to create the vision you want of your life, Peter says. Most people think the opposite of debt is wealth, but Peter says the opposite of debt is no debt: a life where you are living within your means and where you don’t lie to yourself about how much money you have or pretend that you can afford things that you can’t. "It is a life of freedom," he says.

Start decluttering your finances with this basic question, Peter says: What is the vision you have for your life? Then ask yourself the following:
  • Is your vision realistic?
  • What is the reality vs. the vision? Where is there dissonance between the life you have and the life you want?
  • Does the stuff you consume (or the stuff you want and have to have) take you closer to or further away from the life you want?
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