Jean Chatzky
Bad bosses can turn your workplace into a nightmarish scenario. Jean talks with Suzy Welch, a columnist for O, The Oprah Magazine, about two important questions you need to ask yourself to begin dealing with a tyrannical boss:

Am I doing anything that engenders hostile or negative behaviors? In other words, Suzy says to have an honest conversation with yourself to see if you're doing something wrong—perhaps you're not being a team player, exhibiting unchecked competitiveness or you aren't meeting deadlines. "In general, bosses are warm, welcoming and appreciative of people who are making them look good," Suzy says.

What's the end game for my bad boss? Determine whether your boss is at the top of the ladder within the company (and plans on staying there), vying for a promotion or planning to move to another department or company altogether. Once you know his or her plan, Suzy says you'll have a better idea of what you're up against. "You'll know how much longer you have to stomach the unpleasantness," she says.