A Conversation with FRIENDS About Money

"Karen seems so on top of her budget. Should we have lunch soon and see if she'll share some pointers?"

"Who do you talk about money with?"

"I always wonder if I'm saving enough for retirement. What strategies do you use?"

 Get the steps to gain financial wisdom from FRIENDS gracefully 

A Conversation with PARENTS About Money

"Who are your professional advisors, such as your lawyer or accountant?"

"Do you have concerns about your money running out?"

"Would you like to continue where you are living now, or do you have another preference?"

 How to have a rewarding talk with your PARENTS about money 

A Conversation with YOUR SPOUSE OR PARTNER About Money

"What are our financial goals for this year? The next 5 years? The next 20 years? Let's start talking about them."

"How can we reach these goals?"

"What changes are we each willing to make in our spending habits in order to pursue our goals?"

 How to get on the same page as your SPOUSE OR PARTNER about finances 

A Conversation with ADULT CHILDREN About Money

"What does financial independence mean to you?"

"What are your goals?"

"Do you have a time frame for achieving those goals?"

 How to get your ADULT CHILDREN on solid financial ground now 

A Conversation with a FINANCIAL ADVISOR About Money

"Share your whole financial story, even your financial mistakes. For example, "I've only invested once and lost my money so I've shied away from it since."

Early on, ask your advisor to walk you through a client statement and explain each segment if necessary.

Share your short-term and long-term financial goals. "Within the next year I'd like to____________, and 20 years from now I see myself _____________."

 How to ensure you and your FINANCIAL ADVISOR get off to a good start