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Sara Davidson was a college student in the 1960s, and she spent much of her adult life as a newspaper writer, author and TV producer. In her late 50s, Sara became a single woman and an empty nester. At the same time, she says her career came to a halt and she struggled to find meaningful work. Jean talks with Sara about her book LEAP! What Will We Do with the Rest of Our Lives?, a personal story of baby boomers battling ageism and finding fulfillment after their 50s.

Sara says the decision to write LEAP! was easy. "I decided to do what I have always done as a journalist—make a work project out of my predicament," she says. With all of her kids out of the house and no one calling her with work opportunities, Sara says she moved to Colorado and started interviewing other baby boomers facing major career changes. "Any field you are in, by the time you hit your mid 50s, they begin to want you to move on," Sara says. "The only time it doesn't happen is if you own your own business and you are the boss."

Through the process of writing LEAP!, Sara says she was asked the question, "If you knew the world was going to end in two days, what would you do?" Without hesitation, Sara says she knew her answer. "It's reporting and writing," Sara says. "That is what makes me feel most alive."

Sara says while she continues to pursue her passion in life, she and others over 50 have to make a mental shift in the way they seek career success later in life. "The shift I had to make—that so many people are going to be required to make—is from working for an outcome to working because you love the process, the joy and process of undertaking," Sara says.
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