Jean Chatzky
Everyone knows Carolyn Kepcher—for many years she was Donald Trump's sidekick on the reality show The Apprentice. These days, she is the CEO of her own company, Carolyn & Co., which offers advice to women who are juggling work and other responsibilities. She's also the author of a column in The New York Daily News and the book Carolyn 101: Business Lessons from The Apprentice's Straight Shooter. Carolyn tells Jean how she came to be the powerhouse that stood up to Donald Trump, how she managed to launch her own company afterward, and how you can further your career.
  • Carolyn says filming The Apprentice was pretty real to life. Her work for the Trump Organization was very similar on a day-to-day basis.
  • She says that just because you have the title, doesn't mean you have the respect—you have to earn that as you go along. Carolyn earned a pretty good title at the Trump Organization at a young age.
  • Carolyn says to watch your presence on the Internet—interviewers know all about MySpace, Google and Facebook, and they aren't afraid to use these tools to find out about you. Likewise, keep your e-mail address appropriate.
  • Appearance does make a difference—keep your clothes professional, comb your hair and keep any piercings or tattoos out of sight. If it's a matter of taking a chance that you are or are not going to offend someone, err on the side of not being offensive.
  • Keep organized and set your priorities without feeling guilty.