Liz Devitt
"Be a Better You" winner Liz Devitt has struggled all her life to listen to her own intuition, instead pursuing goals approved by well-intentioned mentors. Now on the verge of a huge career change—from veterinarian to writer—she worries that she’ll get knocked off course and fail to follow her inner wisdom. Just the thought makes Liz feel shut down, listless, stuck fast. I sent her spelunking for evidence that she when she hears and heeds that inner voice, she gets the results she wants.

Liz recalled that when she first read about the UC Santa Cruz Science Communication Program, which trains people to become science writers, she worried that she was too old, and that the research she’d done three decades earlier wouldn't fit the program requirements. And how on earth would she find the original record of the GRE she'd taken 31 years earlier? Liz always tossed old paperwork. But when she got quiet, she felt a "glowy moment" and went for it anyway. She sailed through her interviews, the program accepted her research, and most miraculous of all, she even found her ancient GRE report! She received one of the few coveted slots—and a scholarship too!

Liz had the same doubts when she applied for a fellowship grant to cover further costs. These grants were mostly for working journalists; why should a vet apply? Liz hesitated until days before the deadline. Then: that "glowy moment" came again. She filled out the application with moments to spare before the FedEx deadline—only to discover that FedEx couldn’t get her package to the judges in time. All that work for nothing! "I’m going with the glow," she told the mailroom clerk, "Do your best." The package arrived in time and she won the grant. Liz felt another "glowy moment" when she spotted the "Be a Better You" contest announcement in O, The Oprah Magazine. "If you're a writer, you should win this," said the quiet voice in her head. "That’s me," thought Liz as she read about the contest. "I'm going to write the essay, and I’m going to win."

Case closed! Amassing this powerful evidence of how heeding her intuition gets Liz results—as well as examples of how ignoring it set her back on her heels—will help her stay centered as she pursues her career transition. "I always wanted to be a healer, and I do that as a veterinarian, but through writing, I know I can do more." I have no doubt that Liz will achieve that goal.

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