Jean Chatzky
There are many ways to get an affordable college education, but according to Dr. Michael Franzblau, only a few people investigate all the possible avenues. Jean talks with Dr. Franzblau, a former high school teacher and creator of the Tuition Without Tears program, about how to make your dream of a college education a financial reality:

  • Attend an inexpensive community college for two years and then transfer and graduate from a state or private school. "You go to the community college and you season yourself and you find out who you are what you really want to do," Dr. Franzblau says of this money-saving technique.
  • Change your state residency. Dr. Franzblau says it can take up to two years to establish residency, but it can be a smart option for someone who wants to work for a few years and then attend a great state school.
  • Earn part of a degree online. In recent years, some very good schools have started offering online courses and this is an often inexpensive way to get started on a degree, Dr. Franzblau says.
  • Take college courses while in high school. Eliminating some general education classes before attending college will save you money in the long run, he says.
Dr. Franzblau says parents can save even more money if they start investigating financial aid eligibility and saving money when their children are very young. Then, in order to get the most financial aid from a school, Dr. Franzblau says it's important to help make sure your child is college material well before their senior year of high school. "You have to give them a tremendously good education [and] they have to do all kinds of good extracurricular things," he says. "You have to make them such that a college really wants to have them as a student."