Jean Chatzky
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As more and more women become the breadwinners in households across America, managing personal finances is becoming a hot topic between girlfriends. Jean talks with Sharon Kedar, co-author of On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl's Guide to Personal Finance, about a few things every woman can do to get her finances in order.

  • Be confident. "Realize money does not have to be intimidating," Sharon says.
  • Get started. Open a savings account and start putting away 15 percent of your pretax salary, Sharon says. "Five percent for your emergency fund, 10 percent for retirement," she says.
  • Take control. Many women let the men in their lives control their money, but Sharon says, statistically speaking, your man might not always be around to balance the checkbook. "Eighty percent of men die married, and 80 percent of women die single," she says. "We need to take charge of our money."
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