5 Do-It-Yourself Easy Holiday Decorating Tips
By Amy Atlas, Event Planner and Owner of Amy Atlas Events
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Then get 10 ways to throw a budget-friendly holiday party
1 Hang beautiful ribbon over your food area and then attach your holiday cards on the ribbon. It is a great way to display holiday cards from friends and family, and it is also decorative and festive.
2 Fill plastic ornaments with your favorite candies. Decorate. This is a fun activity to do with kids as well as a great favor for guests.
3 Fill vases or glass containers with ornaments and scatter throughout your buffet or dining area. Twist holiday foliage like holly around the bottom of the containers.
4 Scatter candles on your mantle area. Candles are inexpensive and bring warmth to a party.
5 Make decorative holiday trees using just Styrofoam, glue and small ornaments. The cones can be purchased from Michaels and can be re-used. These can be used as the centerpiece on a dining or buffet table.