10 Tips for Throwing a Budget-Friendly Party
By Amy Atlas, Event Planner and Owner of Amy Atlas Events
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1 PLAN, PLAN! - Plan in advance so you won't be paying top dollar at the last minute. Plan your menu and buy in bulk when you can.
2 GO DIGITAL - Send out digital invites to save on stationery and stamps
3 POTLUCK IT - Ask guests to bring their favorite dishes or desserts and display them together on a table.
4 DRESSED UP TRAYS - Use extra gift-wrap paper to line serving pieces to make your serving pieces look pretty.
5 LIFT 'EM UP! - Use extra wrapped gift boxes as risers to give your serving pieces height.
6 RECYCLABLE FOOD LABELS - Use chalkboard tags or erasable tags to identify your food. The tags can be used again at your next party with a simple eraser.
7 VASE COUTURE - No need to get color coordinated vases. Buy beautiful fabric to dress up your every day vases. Simply wrap fabric around vases and secure with double stick tape.
8 FRUIT DÉCOR - Use seasonal fruit instead of flowers to decorate the tables. It serves as both decoration and food.
9 PAPER LANTERN IT PRETTY - Hang paper lanterns from the ceiling to give it a festive feel. They are inexpensive and can be used multiple times.
10 DOUBLE DUTY PLAYLIST - Download your favorite music to create a fantastic playlist for the party. Burn the playlist onto a CD to give guests at the end of the party.
No matter the amount of money you are spending on your party, consider setting up a Blueprint plan before you think about buying anything this season. Watch how Karen and Will used Blueprint!