The photomural closet doors

Photograph by Boris Breuer, styling by Allison Reynolds

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The king-size bed is inches from the kitchen, separated by a frosted-glass wall and a sliding door, but the bedroom feels like another world. "We wanted to bring a little bit of nature into our home," says Jane, whose wall of freestanding Ikea closets is camouflaged by a photomural of a verdant woodland scene, which creates a sense of depth and makes the room feel expansive.

"We went hiking in upstate New York and took a bunch of pictures, and we found an online company that could turn them into wallpaper and pillows," she says. Jane laughs when she explains how she got the idea for the mural. "When I was little, we used to go to a Burger King that had a forest wall, and it stuck with me," she says.

Jane and Darko disguised a row of freestanding Ikea closets with a photomural they custom ordered from The couple chose a photograph they took while hiking near New Paltz, New York. "We sent the company an eight-by-ten-inch print," Jane says. "You give them the dimensions of your wall, and they send the mural back to you in rolls just like wallpaper." Find similar products at or


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