O at Home's fun apartment makeover
This summer, the O at Home staff decorated a two-bedroom apartment from scratch. As we walked through the naked 1,329-square-foot space, with its heart-stopping views of the Hudson River and downtown New York City, we began to imagine filling it in with a life. We dreamed up the woman who might live in our Manhattan aerie: She would surround herself with beautiful things, we decided, but also make a few quirky choices and some comfort-driven ones. Of course our imaginary occupant would have strong opinions and a sense of humor, and she would value both her alone time and her time with loved ones.

Our strategy was to focus on fun. Also, fantasy. Not to mention a touch of fabulous. The result? An apartment that mixes cutting-edge with classic in terms of furniture, patterns, and composition. One more thing: We used retail and online sources that anyone can access, should any of our ideas catch your fancy!

Take the tour.