Interior decorator Nate Berkus's wallpaper alternatives
Give Your Wallpaper New Life
  • Stripping old wallpaper can be a hassle. Nate suggests rather than stripping the wall or painting over the paper, wallpaper over your existing paper.
  • To put new wallpaper over existing, it's important to find a paper thick enough to cover flaws. Paper like grass cloth, which is an especially thick paper, can be the perfect solution.
  • Choosing classic colors (like white and blue) or neutrals will help to freshen the color palate in the entire space.
  • Making other changes in the room—like painting cabinetry in the kitchen or trim in other rooms—will also help to update the look.
  • If you're painting cabinetry, also paint the trim in the room. However, there's no need to carry the new trim color throughout the house.
  • If your walls have spots where the paper has been damaged, the best solution is to find a decorative painter who can match the paper pattern.
  • Buying new hardware for cabinets puts the finishing touches on a wallpaper update.