Viewers Clean House
Ken's home after he took Peter Walsh's pledge
In the months since the launch of Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour, decluttering expert Peter Walsh says the worsening economy has made getting your house in order more important than ever. "People are nervous, and people feel that the country's out of control," he says. "One place you can control is your home. [Make] a place of harmony and peace and tranquility by decluttering and organizing it."

More than 180,000 Oprah Show viewers joined Peter's Clutter Crew. Take the pledge and sign up now!   

After the call to action, Ken from California says he called a family meeting. Everyone signed Peter's anti-clutter pledge and tackled their living room as a team. "Before, our living room was cluttered with my cycling gear, my wife's knitting, paperwork, our kids' artwork," he says. "Now, it's just used for family meals, homework, bills and story time."