The floor plan for a new bathroom

Photo: Jessica Sain-Baird

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The Process Begins
Ian was affable, professional and efficient. He understood my commitment to massive energy and water savings while on a modest budget and was also committed to my definition of beauty. This part is important—work with someone who shares, or at least understands, your aesthetic. He or she will make decisions on your behalf whether you plan for it or not, so this shared vision is integral. The best part of our initial meeting was that Ian started taking measurements and drawing immediately. Within days, he had transformed my rough sketch into a workable blueprint.

What the sketch does not show you are the ways that strategically rebuilding a tiny bathroom that is roughly the size of two bathtubs can reduce air pollutants, limit waste, save energy and, in my loo specifically, conserve more than 4,000 gallons of water annually.

The remainder of this post and next week's post are intended to make those invisible decisions visible.


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