Randy and Craig Rubin, with their twin granddaughters Anna and Meredith

Photograph by Francis Hammond, styling by Lili Abir Regen

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When Randy Rubin looks around her apartment, she sees herself and her husband, Craig, in so many details. There's the sassy painting of a woman's leg in a high heel, the collection of candy-colored Buddhas, and a life-size, green plastic dog. "We love the elements of surprise and humor," Randy says.

The Rubins, who founded Crypton Super Fabrics in their home state of Michigan, spend about one third of the year in New York City on business, so they bought this three-bedroom apartment as a pied-à-terre. The city views never stop wowing them. "When I walk into our apartment, I can't help but smile," Randy says. "It's bright—it's New York."

But the space was missing a significant something: their stamp. They wanted a home that was "incredibly sophisticated but still cool for my grandchildren," Randy says. They needed a professional space to meet with colleagues, but also a kid-friendly place.

Although they work in the design business, the Rubins felt as if their schedules required that they hire a decorator. At a party, the Rubins connected with designer Ghislaine Viñas. "It was like a love story," Randy says. "She was so cheery and open—her energy was in sync with ours. She's creative and not stuffy—like us."


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