The 5 Prettiest Bed Ideas to Steal Right Now
The fastest way to give a "blah" bedroom new life? Change your linens—and borrow a technique or two from these designers.
The Snugglier Alternative to Your Old Duvet
We're referring to one aspect of the rustic design movement that has made its way to the bedroom: knit blankets—larger than the usual living-room throws, typically in earthy, neutral tones and made using natural fibers. Interior designer and A Place Called Home author Jason Grant says that recently, he's been finding more people than usual drawn to handmade styles that appear softer and more inviting-to-the-touch than sateen and polyester-blend fabrics.

Grant recommends trying an oversize knit—where you can easily wriggle your fingers between each stitch—like the chunky wool designs found at Little Dandelion.