Take Nate Home
Nate Berkus's new collection of home decor
"I got sick of seeing good design stamped on bad quality. I'm tired of things costing five times what they should," says Nate. "Designing this line helped me define my own taste, my own vision, what I think is important, what I want to hold and walk past, what I want touching my skin, and what I don't."

Thanks to Nate's extraordinary debut home collection (on sale exclusively at Linens 'N Things), Oprah's favorite house whisperer is now available to mix, match, layer, refine, and pull your life together as never before.

"Layering in different patterns will keep things from appearing too studied. Here I've paired a simple pinstripe with an ikat-style print," says Nate. "Notice how much friendlier black and white feels when you mix in some aqua." Lincoln Park shams ($49.99 each) and comforter ($199.99 for queen size) mix well with turquoise Herringbone sheets ($99.99 for a queen set); the Grass table lamp is $59.99. All at Linens 'N Things.