Create a Surf Lover's Patio
  • Lay indoor/outdoor Astroturf over cleaned concrete patio.
  • Enclose a portion of the patio with three lattice walls and a roof.
  • Use the lattice to hang accessories, like a surfboard and wetsuit.
  • Create a tiki bar under the lattice! Cover the outside of the bar with grass thatching.
  • Build a planter to give the patio a tropical feel. Glue or hang seashells on the outside of the planter.
  • Add tiki torches to the planter and tiki lights around the bar.
  • Choose an outdoor table and place four patio chairs in bright fabrics around it.
  • Create an instant beach hut! Use thatching to cover the patio umbrella.
  • If you have shutters on the outside of your house, brush them lightly with a paint wash—not too perfectly—to give them a sun-bleached look.
Specials Thanks to:
  • Cabana Joe's for patio furniture manufactured by Lane Venture, Inc.
  • Benson Imports, Inc. umbrellas and bamboo accessories
    For more information: 714-893-3217
  • Surfing accessories by
  • Landscape and Leisure in Wilmington, North Carolina for plants and trees
    For more info: 910-452-5349
  • Gardeners Eden for copper cone torches
  • Pier 1 Imports
  • Home Depot
  • Case Handymen Services construction crew
    Raleigh, North Carolina: 919-781-4030
    Nationwide: 800-426-9434

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