Good Timing: Clocks We Love
Bedroom clocks
Sweet dreams are your respite from the day's stress—so a bedside clock should be discreetly elegant yet spirited enough to rouse you gently and thoroughly when morning comes. 

From top left to right:
  1. An old-fashioned bell ringer is encased in a block of Lucite—a nifty mix of vintage and modern. McCollin Bryan, $248.
  2. This neat, super-legible little tool lights up at night. BAI, $28.
  3. A square, silver-finish molded plastic digital is self-setting. Philippe Starck for Oregon Scientific, $63.
  4. It not only tells time but charges your iPod and wakes you up painlessly to the tunes you love. Fashionation, $40.
  5. Double-time alarm has an easy-to-read face inside, a tiny "museum watch" dial on the cover. Movado Collection, $80.
  6. A limited edition black-and-white clock, inspired by a backgammon board, is as chic as a Turner Classic movie. Cartier, $1,300.

Eyeglasses, Versace. Lamp, Aero. Chair and bedside table, Baker. Carafe, Nicole Farhi Home. Glass, Riedel. Boxes, Barbara Barry Realized by Henredon.