Get a group of friends together to work on projects!
Think of it like a book club—only instead of discussing Oprah's latest favorites, you'll talk about organizing challenges, and find solutions for your clutter! An intimate group that meets regularly once or twice a month will give you even more personalized help than on-line buddies can offer. You'll send the clutter packing in no time!

The Benefits:
  • Camaraderie & Fun. You're not in this alone! Groups provide support, companionship and encouragement in the otherwise lonely road to getting organized. Turn it into a social event with food, humor and group energy.
  • Accountability. Your buddies are counting on you. Keep trying new things so you have something fabulous to report!
  • Show & Tell. Bring in pictures of your mess and show pictures of organizing solutions and products, you've found or invented!

How to Begin:
  • Assemble members. Friends, relatives, neighbors...anybody struggling with disorganization—no matter what their specific challenge—is welcome! Make sure everyone has trouble with some form of organization so no "perfectly organized" person monopolizes the conversation with her ideas.
  • Limit group size to 3–8 people. This will give everyone a chance to ask questions and participate, while preventing meetings from going on too long.
  • Choose a Location. Pick a neutral spot—a coffee shop, restaurant, library community room or someplace similar so no one has to clean up for guests, or show their mess to others.
  • Make a Plan. Each group can decide how long and how often they meet on their own, depending on the number of members and the speed with which they want to tackle their own projects. Meeting twice per month keeps the momentum going for the highly determined (and may work better for stay-at-home moms) while meeting every four weeks allows for more wiggle room and a slower pace per project if needed. Three-hour meetings will allow ample time for discussion and fun.