Nate Berkus
What does Nate love even more than decorating? Helping you create the perfect space! He's taking your calls and showing you how to decorate a round room, add color to your walls and find creative alternatives to TV stands.

"I recently purchased a new home with a circular foyer. How do I go about decorating a round room?"

Nate suggests placing a round table in the center of the room. Arrange beautiful books on the table with the bindings facing out—kind of like the slices of a pizza, he says. Next, add a centerpiece, such as a vase full of flowers or a sculpture. To add interest, Nate says to add a pair of rectangular benches tucked under the table or place one under the table and angle another bench to one of the curved walls. For the walls, Nate recommends grouping an odd number of items vertically that lay almost flat against the wall's surface.

"I'm a college student on a budget and renting my first apartment. How can I add color to the walls without painting them?"

Nate suggests creating a colorful collage using images from old books, personal photographs…anything that has a special meaning for you. Follow a grid pattern when affixing the images to the wall for a clean look, he says.

"I need a functional way to display my flat screen TV, but I am not a fan of TV stands. Can you suggest a stylish alternative?"

If hanging your flat screen isn't an option, Nate suggests placing your TV in a chic cabinet after removing any unnecessary shelves. Arrange more eye-catching objects on top of the cabinet so they become the focal point when the cabinet doors are closed and the TV is not in use. "Take the focus off of the TV and have the story be [about] what's on top," Nate says.