Jean Chatzky
For more than a decade, American homes have been touched by the style and design of Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams. The designers have made a name for themselves by designing stylish and comfortable furniture that is sold in the nation's most popular home furniture stores. Jean talks with Mitchell and Bob about their new book, Let's Get Comfortable: How to Furnish and Decorate a Welcoming Home.

Mitchell and Bob's book not only delves into must-have home design ideas, such as calming color combinations, the book also shares their approach to decorating. They say when moving into a new home or updating your current digs, you don't need to redecorate everything at once. Bob and Mitchell recommend investing in one treasured piece and adding to it over time. "If you have one piece that you love, you should think of this as collecting and keep adding and keep making things work together," Bob says.

Mitchell and Bob say a way to start your home decorating endeavor is to hit a flea market to find one-of-a-kind items. They realize shopping for furniture at a flea market can be intimidating for many, and say compiling a list of the items you know you want to buy will help you stay on task when shopping for your home. "We grow up buying pants and shirts and shoes, but we never buy furniture until we are an adult," Mitchell says. "You don't buy that many sofas in a lifetime, so it is a little daunting."

Another inexpensive way Bob and Mitchell say you can transform your home into a comfortable haven is by using pictures when decorating. "We think what really makes a home are people's pictures," Mitchell says. "You can take those pictures and put them in inexpensive frames." Bob says you should mat your pictures in frames of the same color and style. "Those two elements will help unify the whole collection, and [then] the frame is not the focus any moreā€”it is the photo," Bob says.
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