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Time is up, and the Brown family gets their first peek at their brand new kitchen. "This is our kitchen?" Sandra says. "This is beautiful!"

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Nate didn't think a trendy kitchen fit the Browns' style, so he used classic materials. Marble floors that become more beautiful with age and a combination of solid and glass cabinets give timeless appeal.

To truly take the Browns out of the '60s, Nate updates the kitchen with appliances fit for a modern chef. Nate has installed two 12-inch deep sinks, two dishwashers, four ovens and an eight-burner stove range, which are perfect for their large family gatherings. "This is like for a restaurant," Nate says.

To add more space, Nate transformed the Browns' old porch into an indoor dining area that flows straight out of the kitchen. A new ceiling, table, chairs and bench seating create a space the entire family can gather around. "Now I'm going to cook for everybody," Sharon says. "Everybody's coming over!"
FROM: Nate's Kitchen of the Year Makeover!
Published on January 01, 2006


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