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Sisters Kim and Kyllan say their hardworking parents desperately need a touch of Nate in their parents' retro kitchen. The space is truly out of the '60s—1963 to be exact. The room comes complete with the original cabinets, countertops and harvest gold walls. The original appliances aren't holding up any better than the out-of-date style—Kim and Kyllan say the sink has been caulked and recaulked—and still leaks!

Sandra, Kim and Kyllan's mom, is a high school principal, and their father, Larry, was recently laid off as a manager at a technology company. "That kind of put everything on a back burner," Kyllan says. "That was difficult on him."

Kim says that even during difficult times, her parents never dwell on their problems. "They kind of keep those things tucked away, and they always bring to the forefront the needs of others," she says. "They've shown us how to love other people, how to give to other people and how to do for other people unconditionally."
FROM: Nate's Kitchen of the Year Makeover!
Published on January 01, 2006


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