Rebecca Cole cuts costs by making her own decor.
Surprise by Design's crafty co-host Rebecca Cole reveals the cost-cutting tricks she uses around her own apartment.

How to Make Rebecca's Funk Table
  • Rebecca bought a plain table from Ikea for $20.
  • She measured the top of the table, and bought a piece of plywood that was larger.
  • On the plywood, she marked out the size of the original tabletop with a pencil, and drew a shape like a lima bean around it.
  • Next, Rebecca cut out her funky shape using a jigsaw. (If you don't have one, places like Home Depot will cut the shape for you in their store.)
  • To keep her new tabletop from slipping off the original table, she screwed in four strips of wood around the outside edges of original tabletop markings she had already drawn. It should look like there's a frame attached to the bottom of your tabletop.
  • She purchased bright orange vinyl from a fabric store and stitched a pocket near one end to hold a remote control.
  • Finally, Rebecca pulled the vinyl tightly over the tabletop and stapled the edges underneath.
  • Total cost: $40!


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