Nightmare nightstands, a futon as centerpiece for the apartment and a beach chair in the middle of the living room? While Victor's loft is new and beautifully rehabbed, he has no idea what to do with it, from the paintjob to his tools scattered all over the dining area. Queer Eye, Victor needs some help!

Victor: As for the clothes all over the chair, the bed and the couch...I have no excuse, I'm just a lazy guy. My place does need the Queer Eye touch because I'm tired of living like a slob.

In only one day, Thom transformed Victor's apartment into a space truly fit for a king.

Some of the highlights:
  • A splash of fireball orange paint on certain walls to better define the living areas
  • A stylish sofa and club chair add a touch of class
  • Colorful rugs to anchor the room
  • Glass bookshelves to separate the bedroom from the living room
  • A Chinese-inspired storage boxe is an attractive way to hide away unsightly stuff

Oprah: That apartment is so amazing—I know you can't wait to go home!

Victor: I don't recognize it at all. Gorgeous.


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