From Our Sponsor Cisco: Is Technology Bringing Us Together?

The answer: Yes. How do we know? Together is happening all over the world. At the heart of this revolution is video. It allows us to connect like never before. Through video, classrooms are becoming global, world-class healthcare could be available nearly anywhere and homesickness is cured with a quick video call. This is what our friends at Cisco believe. But what do you think of all this? We want to know!

Take Our Final Poll
Take a minute to answer the third (and final) poll in a series of polls we've been posting about technology below. Have more to say? Also, leave a comment to tell us how video technology is changing your life. Take the poll, leave a comment. We're listening! 

When you're done sharing your thoughts, watch how Cisco umi is revolutionizing how we talk to each other.

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PUBLISHED: 11/10/2010