Frank Fontana of HGTV's Design on a Dime says decorating your home doesn't have to put a hole in your pocket. He shares advice on how to stretch your dollar when remodeling or redesigning your home.

  • Start with inspiration. Keep in tune with what's going on in high-end home design, Frank says. Use home design magazines as references. Then, take those high-end looks and try to figure out how to create them using eco-friendly and alternative materials, Frank says.
  • Think about functionality. "Because many people are actually reducing the size and scale of their homes, it's all about multifunction," Frank says. "They may be paying more for that console that converts into a bar. They are spending more money on one larger purchase because it has a multifunctional aspect to it."
  • Focus on how much time you'll spend in each room. Think about where most of the time is spent in the household, Frank says. You often spend the majority of your time in the kitchen or the bedroom, he says. Then, make sure the space is designed to accommodate how many people live in your home and how they'll be using that space.
  • Negotiate with home furnishings companies. "Just because a price tag says a certain number, doesn't mean it's always that number," Frank says. "There's no reason why you couldn't go into a high-end store and say, 'Listen, this is my budget, what are you willing to work with?"
  • Recycle, refurbish and reuse. Frank lives by his rule of the three Rs: recycle, refurbish and reuse. "That is truly my secret to saving money," he says.
When making design decisions, always exercise common sense and safe judgment. The opinions expressed by the hosts, guests and callers to Oprah Radio are strictly their own.


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