Interior designer Antonia Hutt

Credits: photographs by Thomas Loof, styling by Tristam Steinberg



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Don't think you could ever dare to be as bold as Melody with the colors in your home? Think again! Interior designer Antonia Hutt shares her six tips for using strong colors:
  1. "Color is something you feel," says interior designer Antonia Hutt, who teaches at UCLA and notices that her students are always stimulated by strong pinks and reds. "They start to talk more animatedly. These colors increase your heart rate. You wouldn't put them in a psych ward."
  2. There aren't any tricks to working with such colors, according to Antonia, but there are guidelines. "The most important thing is balancing the light and understanding the light in context," she explains.
  3. Antonia tried five shades of pink on each wall of Melody's house and then looked at them at different times of day before selecting the custom-mixed color.
  4. Antonia does not believe in coordinating hues or consulting the color wheel—though she loves blue and pink together, and the ocean and the sky provide the blue complement for Melody's home.
  5. Finding the right shade of pink for the walls of Melody's house, red for the carpets, and orange for the ceilings was based on Antonia's cultivated sense of how colors work with one another. "It's about trying to create a vibration among them," she explains. "It's never about matching."
  6. Antonia admits that this daring color scheme was unprecedented in her career. "I'd never done anything like this before," she says. "Nobody but Melody would have let me."


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