How to Paint a Mural Like a Pro
Have you ever marveled over professional murals? Pull out your paintbrushes! With a little help from HGTV's Kitty Bartholomew, even the "artistically challenged" can seem like expert muralists!

  • Image you would like to recreate
  • Opaque or overhead projector
  • Soft pencils
  • Poster paints
How to Paint Your Mural
  • Find an image you would like to recreate. Look at books, prints, paintings or magazines for ideas.
  • Avoid copyright infringement. Do not paint copyrighted images on the outside of your home.
  • Rent or borrow an opaque or overhead projector. Your local library or schools are good places to contact.
  • Place the projector in front of your painting surface such as a wall or backyard gate.
  • Put your image onto the projector and adjust the projector until the image projection is the desired size.
  • Trace the image on the wall with a soft pencil.
  • Fill in with poster paints. If you'd like to, use the projection as a color guide.
  • After the paint is dry, erase all pencil marks.

Watch a demonstration of this technique  


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