Less truly is more. Having a little more room to move and to think goes a long way. Now, it's time to re-imagine your home and make your possessions serve your life, instead of vice versa. Take your vision for your life and make it a reality. Here's how to create a shared vision for your garage or yard sale that everyone in your home will love.
How to Create a Shared Vision
Think it through. In order to have the best garage sale you can have, you and your family are going to have to let go of some stuff and come together as a team.

Establish a basic premise. Give boxes to everyone in your family a few weeks before the sale. Have each person fill a box or two with things he or she wants to sell (beyond what's already piled in the garage). Let the kids know they can keep the cash from their items.

Prepare together. Scrub, wash, polish and launder anything you plan to sell. If an item needs a simple repair to greatly increase its selling price, do it. Hang clothes on makeshift racks, sorted by size.


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