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Open Your Mail
Overstuffed files create stress and disorganization. That's bad enough. But unopened mail always creates money problems. Those sealed envelopes contain bills that increase as they go unpaid. They contain reminders of the deposit due to hold your child's place in school. They hold notices of changes in credit card rates. They hold insurance reimbursement checks that don't earn you interest until they're deposited.

The longer you ignore envelopes, the more they build up. Unpaid bills get sent again so you have twice the work to figure out how much you owe. And the pile sits there, on the table in the entrance hall or, worse, spread across the dining room table, a constant reminder to you (and your family, if you have one) that life isn't secure. Things aren't under control. Disaster looms. Remember what I said at the beginning of this chapter? No more paperwork procrastination. That's where I wanted you to start and it's where I'll end. Start with the clutter. Clear it out, clarify your goals, and make the life you want a reality. Are you ready to go?


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