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Forgetful gardeners take note—there are some plants that require little or no water to survive. Now, you can have lush greenery without any of the hassle!

Jamie suggests drought-resistant plants to people who travel a lot. One of Jamie's favorites is an air plant called tillandsia. This variety can live for up to six months with no water or soil. All you need is a little sphagnum moss in the bottom of a bowl, and you've got greenery.

"It's a gorgeous little thing," Jamie says.

Another plant that requires very little care is the vermiliad, which is a rain forest species that's used to growing in the shade. Jamie says this is the perfect indoor plant. "They hold water in the base," Jamie says. "They're like camels."

For something a little larger, try a sansevieria plant—commonly known as the "mother-in-law's tongue." If you're going away on an extended vacation, Jamie says you can leave this plant outside for months and it will survive on its own.

If you love roses but hate tending to thorny bushes, Jamie suggests a variety called Flower Carpet roses. These vibrant blooms have the same beautiful form, and the bush is disease-resistant. "It really does look after itself," he says.
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Published on January 01, 2006


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