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After coordinating everyone's wish lists, it's time to get to work.

"We claimed ownership over it by putting plants along the edge of the balcony," Jamie says. "Some nice furnishings and some beautiful plants and give yourself some privacy, and you feel like you're in an intimate, private space that is your own."

It's time for the real test. What do the neighbors think?

"This is amazing," James says. "It's as functional as it is beautiful."

"I had a smile all night," Tom says. "My face was sore from smiling the whole day."

"I can't stay off the balcony. I go out there in the morning to have tea, and we go out there at night with a glass of wine," Anna says. "It's just wonderful. It's become part of our life now."

Jamie's balcony designs even inspired these 12 condo owners to pay it forward to their other neighbors. "We all decided what we should do is have a balcony crawl so we can all experience the balconies and let other people in the building come into the units and see the balconies," Russell says.

And so the rest of the neighbors who live in the other 170 condos in the building don't feel left out, they're getting gift cards from Lowe's so they can beautify their balconies, too!
FROM: Oprah's Neighbors Throw a Party and Jamie Durie's Flower Pot Makeovers
Published on January 01, 2006