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In Colette's living room, Nate creates an open seating area with a couch from Pottery Barn and chairs from Wisteria. Heather Gentile Collins of Gentile Designs embellishes the seats of the chairs with Colette and Lee's monogram.

"It's very easy for people to do that [monogram] at home with a stencil," he explains. "It's just that little touch that makes the space that much more personal."

Next, Nate chooses elements that give the living room an informal look. The oak-framed mirror above the sofa meets a floating-glass coffee table ("much better than wood in an open area, since it takes up less visual space") and a mix of creamy white and taupe upholstery in durable cottons and linens. Nate's favorite finds are zinc pedestals and urns. "I love bringing in objects that are meant to be outside, and the antique finish keeps everything from looking shiny and new."

A side chair from Storehouse, made of twisted banana leaves, enhances the mix of natural textures in the living room. The coffee table is from Pottery Barn, and the Kenya rug is from Nate's collection at Linens 'n Things.


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