What's New in Home Style
Champagne flutes
Champagne Flutes for 83 cents a Pop
The steal of the season! At $5 for a set of six, Ikea's glass stemware is almost as cheap as plastic—but sounds a whole lot classier when clinked together. for stores
Tub print bathmat
Faux on the Floor
Look what we found! With its trompe l'oeil print of a vintage tub, Grain de Couleur's plush, cotton bath mat takes the term literally.

$110 for 2 by 3 feet;
Grandfather clock wall decal
Time To Make A Statement
Genius! The grandfather clock just got a lot less grandfatherly, thanks to industrial designer Jan Habraken's vinyl decal. The bold architectural shape transforms any plain old (or even new) wall clock into a classic. 

$37 for 81 1/2 by 27 1/2 inches;