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In 2005, Martha bought the home of her dreams right in midtown Manhattan. While she adores her neighborhood, Martha admits her apartment is a little on the small side. At just 250 square feet, her entire living space is roughly the size of a one car garage!

In such small quarters, Martha has a unique set of design concerns. For starters, her bed doubles as a sofa, and the bed's trundle is home to her "library" of books. Storage space is at such a premium, Martha even has to stow her lingerie in hatboxes!

Besides storage, Martha's home doesn't have space for other important things—like a stove or an oven. "My refrigerator is the same size as the kitty litter bag!" she says. When Martha wants to entertain, her guests have only two seating options. "If I ever get a date and he's uncomfortable sitting on my bed with me, he can always come into the bathroom and sit on the toilet," she jokes.

Despite her home's petite size, Martha is grateful for every single inch. "This apartment is a gift. There isn't another place on this earth I would rather live in," she says.
FROM: Nate's Small Space Miracle
Published on January 01, 2006


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